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VidiFire Review : Bonus And Demo

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VidiFire Review : the epic “pitch video weapon” churns out attention grabbing - profit pulling videos in any niche in 60 mins flat...

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VidiFire is the universal pitch video framework that Peter Beattie developed and perfected over several successful product launches and promotions over the last 7 years.

This framework has been used in over 30 of Peter Beattie most recent product launches and has played a crucial part in over $2.5 Million in sales on JVZoo in the past few years alone. It’s also been used to kickstart entire businesses not only for Peter, but for several clients of mine as well. Some of these businesses were sold to investors.

With vidifire you will get the exact pitch video framework Peter follow whenever he need to knock out a sales video that converts strangers into buyers. This is like a set of “cheat codes” that they can just follow and fill in the blanks.

Also inside the members are you will get access to a $96,000 case study training – this is where Peter walk you through the entire VidiFire framework step by step w/ real world examples. When you will complete this training, you will have a sales video on steroids that can be used to sell just about anything… or you can charge a fortune to do this for your clients.

How can VidiFire help you? Here are just a few ways VidiFire can help you get noticed, grow your audience and make more sales with video :

  1. Sales Videos : Effortlessly craft epic sales videos that speak directly to your target customer’s deepest desires and pain points so you can convert them into paying customers of your products and services.
  2. Affiliate Review Videos : Stand out among a sea of “me too” affiliates with epic hard hitting product review videos that get people buying through you affiliate link whenever you promote something.
  3. Videos for Clients : No product? No list? No problem. VidiFire will help you craft epic videos for other businesses so you can command top dollar for your services!
  4. Facebook & YouTube Video Ads : Own the newsfeed with powerful videos that force your target audience to stop scrolling, watch your video ad and take action so you get ROI on your ad spend.
  5. Epic Branding Videos : Eliminate competition and create your own category by telling your business’ story w/ powerful brand building videos that don’t require months of filming or deep pockets.
  6. Epic Youtube Channel Trailers : Grow your YouTube audience and strengthen your relationship w/ existing subscribers by crafting epic channel trailers that set you apart from the rest.
  7. eComm Store Product Videos : Pour gasoline on the fire that powers your eComm store by taking your product videos to a level your competition can’t play on.
  8. Upsell Videos : Maximize average customer value on all of your funnels with hard hitting product upsell videos that give your customers more ways to invest in your other products and services.

VidiFire Review

You’ll get the entire “VidiFire 4 part Framework” template that tells you exactly how to create your videos from beginning to end. Ever looked at your computer screen and almost went crazy trying to figure out how to structure your video and what you should say AND how to say it? Once you own this template, you’ll never experience that horrible pain again …

VidiFire Review : Bonus

Bonus #1 : Video Marketing Cheat Sheet : All the tools and equipment Peter uses to create his marketing videos! Everything from software, cameras, lighting, secret resources and more!

Bonus #2 : Video Template Mega Pack : A collection of DOZENS of done for you animated video templates you can use RIGHT NOW to sell more of your products. No video editing software needed. Just open in Powerpoint.

Bonus #3 : 100+ Background Music Tracks : Over 100 Professional Quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks that you can use to enhance your YouTube videos!

Bonus #4 : 60+ Stock Video Backgrounds : Over 60 Professional Quality Scenery and Motion Video Backgrounds to set your YouTube videos apart from the competition. Use these in your sales videos, upsell videos & product launch videos too!

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How Yo Get Your VidiFire Review Bonus?

If you want to be SURE that we get credited for your purchase, so that you can be SURE to get your VidiFire Bonus, then I suggest you empty your browser cache (Click Here To Learn How), close all your web browser windows, then click on the link above! Then make the purchase! I’ve arranged with the VidiFire team to make all these bonuses available to you in the members area. After making your purchase, the bonuses will be instantly available inside it. It is that simple! Just be doubly sure that you purchase through my recommendation link to qualify for this bonus bundle.

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