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VSL Buddy – what is it? VSL Buddy is a software tool that James Carter created that allows anyone to make videos faster with the 2 popular softwares that are Video Maker FX and Explaindio.

As i`m sure you already know, there are two popular softwares out there that allows the average person to create great explainer and kinetic type videos – those are Video Maker Fx and Explaindio. If you’re a user of either or both of those softwares, then I’m sure at some point you’ve also noticed that finding and keeping up with different types of templates in the software can be a bit challenging.

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Well, not anymore … James Carter has created an awesome tool that allows for Explaindio and Video Maker Fx users to find the template they need faster than ever! And it’s so simple to use that you can be a pro at it in 5 minutes.

Imagine that if you were using Explaindio – read this review – and you wanted to see what kinetic templates were available. You just enter a keyword, click the folder and boom! You’re good. Same with Video Maker FX. Looking for the business templates? Not a problem. Just enter your keyword and click the folder and you can see all the slides at one time.

And take a step further and create a map list so you know exatly where to go when you open the software on your computer to create the video you want. Drag and drop and rearrange slide images and even make a project file you can load directly within Video Maker FX!

VSL Buddy Review

Plainly put, this tool is going to save you a ton of time and help you make videos faster than ever. Take a look at all these amazing benefits and features :

1. Search Folders By Keyword, Negative Keyword Search and Multiple Keywords and even Keyword Density! Whatever you’re looking for template wise, you can find quickly and easy with the keyword search option :

  • Want to see only Explaindio folders that have kinetic templates? No problem.
  • Want to see only Video Maker Fx folders from July that have characters? No problem.
  • Want to see only Explaindio folders with upper and lower thirds in 2nd month? No problem.
  • Want to see Video Maker FX folders that have marketing, but exclude those from April? No problem.

Simply enter your keywords, separate by comma, and enter a minus sign for what you don’t want to see. Oh, and you can also search from the keyword density option which you can read more about below…

2. Full Display of All Slides In A Folder : Instead of having to scroll through each slide or animation in a folder within the software, you simply select the folder and every slide is presented for you in .gif animation. Just select a folder, let them load (quickly depending on your internet connection) and everything is right there in front of you to choose from!

3. Easy Category Selection : If you’re like me, you probably have both of these softwares. So instead of trying to look through them all at once, you’ll find it easy to get around and find what you want.

Just select your category such as Video Maker FX Regular, Video Maker FX Template Club, Explaindio Regular, and Explaindio Template Club. All corresponding folders are the same as they are in the software!

4. One Click Add To Video Planner Sidebar : If you’re planning out your video, then you’ll love this. Once you’ve selected a folder that you are viewing the slides in, just click on the image to add it to the Video Planning Sidebar. That’s right. One click and your slides are arranged in order in an instant!

5. Drag and Rearrange Order of Slides For Video : Have a change of mind of how you want the slides to go?
No problem. Just drag and rearrange the slides as you see fit before creating your list map or project file.

6. Resize Folders and Images For Optimal View : Want to see more of the names of the folders? Or do you want to see more of the images that are in a particular folder? Not a problem. Just use this easy resizing option to zoom out or zoom in until your heart’s content. And once you’re done, click reset to send it back to normal!

7. Keyword Density Cloud – See Templates You Didn’t Even Know Existed : One of the great things about the software is the variety of templates and categories to choose from. But after a while, it can be a bit daunting to search through. Especially if you’re part of the template clubs.

So to fix that, we added a Keyword Density Tag Cloud Option that reads all of the folders and displays the keywords for you in an easy to read map. And if you see something that maybe you think you’ve overlooked? Just click on the keyword and VSL Buddy – Video Helper Edition will automatically bring those folders up for you to view!

8. Easily Delete Any Slide : If you’ve changed your mind about a particular slide, no problem. Just hold your mouse over the slide you want to remove, click the X and poof! It’s gone into the image void! This way you don’t have to start over, but can keep your other slide ideas intact.

9. Remove All Slides Easily : But even if you get to the end of your planning and want to start over, that’s not a problem either. Just click on the remove all option and the Video Planning Sidebar will be all cleared out for you and ready to go again faster than the Roadrunner on a sugar high!

10. Add All Slides From A Folder : Even though you can do this in Video Maker FX, but not Explaindio – there’s also an option to add all the slides in a folder as well. In case you like everything you see, just click the select all button and all the slides in that folder will be added without any hassle.

11. Make a Map List For Explaindio To Find Slides Quickly In The Software : We couldn’t give you the option to make a file you can open directly in Explaindio so we did the next best thing. You can select all the image slides you want to use in your own installation of Explaindio and once you have an idea of what you want, just click the list option, then the copy to clipboard option and voila!

12. Create A Project File That You Can Load Directly Into Video Maker FX : So we took it one step further with Video Maker FX and made it where you can actually create a project file from the software and load it directly in Video Maker FX.

Now, you’ll need to already have these slides on your computer for this to work, but once you have your video all planned out, just click the ‘download project’ file option, put in your path to your add on slides (we show you how) and you’re off to the races! And yes, you can do this on Mac as well! (We show you how!)

13. Built In Tutorial Playlist To Show You How To Use The Tool Easily  :If you ever get stuck, don’t worry. I’ve created a playlist that you can access right within the software that will show you how to use every area of the tool and have you up and running in no time!

And there’s no fluff. I won’t tell you my life story when teaching you to use the tool lol! Just click a video for what you need to know and you’ll be a pro at it in under 10 minutes guaranteed!

Whether you use Video Maker FX and/or Explaindio for personal use or your business clients, then you already know you need this tool. I`m sure that you already know how powerful video is and how it can help you increase your bottom line or those of your client’s right?

But what most don’t factor into things when using software to help you make awesome video is the time it takes to create video. Not just any type of video, but the type of video that truly captivates and makes people pull their credit card out their wallet.

Now you have to power of Explaindio and Video Maker FX to help you do just that and with VSL Buddy – Video Helper Edition, you can supercharge your results in only a fraction of the time it’d take you to create video with these two awesome softwares.

VSL Buddy Bonus

Bonus #1 : VSL Buddy Video Marketing Training Resources : In this resource, I open the vault to some of the most curated material there is when it comes to helping you market with video. You`ll discover such resources as

  • The secrets the pros use to dominate any niche with video!
  • How to drive more traffic and get higher conversion with live streaming!
  • How to make your videos ABSOLUTELY magnetic.
  • How to master video marketing to increase your income!

Bonus #2 : VSL Buddy Video Creation Training Resources : It’s one thing to have video tools. It’s another to know how to create actual video. In this resource, I’ll deliver you some of the best training available for helping you create the best video possible. Topics such as :

  • The full blueprint and playbook on creating great animated videos
  • Mastering video creation tools that creates killer video content and gets traffic & cash!
  • How to create high quality professional videos in mere minutes…
  • And so much more!

Bonus #3 : VSL Buddy Tube Training Resources : YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine today. While thought of as a video site, people use it as a search engine as well right behind Google! I want to put in your hands some of the best YouTube training there is such as :

  • How to get unlimited FREE traffic with viral campaigns!
  • 7 ways to make money on YouTube (plus 2 extra bonus ones!)
  • The step by step to getting at least 10,000 views on your videos…
  • How to become a YouTube ad hero and conquering InStream Ads…

Bonus #4 : Rank & Monetize Your Videos for Additional Traffic & Income : When it comes to dominating Facebook with cheap paid Ads, it doesn’t get any easier. Businesses are required to be prepared and brand on all fronts! That’s why I’ve set up a special deal with Stephen Gilbert to show you how he ranks AND monetizes his videos for additional traffic and revenue. This is something you cannot miss out on. With 1 video, not only will you get massive amounts of traffic from Facebook, but you will have another income and traffic stream from the SAME video.

Bonus #5 : How to Make Your Videos Go Viral in FB Groups for Free : You hear people talk all the time about using Free traffic. But most of the other methods never work. It requires way too much work and requires WAY too much capital! Now, you can use this strategy to get videos to go viral on FB… it’s like paying a traffic broker, but you get high quality targeted traffic! No one else is doing this.

Bonus #6 : YouTube Domination Strategy : Getting Facebook to do all the work for you is easy… but where the real skill comes in is using a multi-pronged approach to completely brand your online business Did you know you can take a short 30 second clip from YouTube, and easily get it ranked as the relevant video for ANY video you want? And then siphon out traffic from that video space for additional clicks and revenue?

This passive revenue stream is one of our favorites, and we’ve used it to add a stable, simple revenue stream to our bottom line. It also greatly increases branding. This is going to make your life 10 times easier. Once you see what we have done for you.. your jaw will drop.

Get V S L Buddy App And My Bonuses

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