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WebinarHD Review : Bonus

WebinarHD Review : Bonus
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WebinarHD – what is it? WebinarHD is the worlds first webinar platform with dynmic layouts, a tool built from the ground up by video streaming experts that will bring high definition dynamic webinars with a single stream technology.

WebinarHD draws in your audience, builds your list, converts prospects into buyers, and engages like no other webinar platform out there, leveraging single stream and dynamic layouts technology, to create engaging high definition video streams that attract, convert ans sell.

Get Webinar HD And My Bonus Package

You will be able to invite unlimited co-host, up to 500 attendees in the front end version of WebinarHD, choose multiple streaming layouts with a single click, broadcast Live to Facebook and YouTube, play videos during LIVE Events, whether its a recording of your last webinar, and intro or an outro or any other video you want to show, you name it… and all this for a low one time fee.

WebinarHD Review

Instant live streaming with WebinarHD provides you minimum latency and access gaps. Now you can enjoy high engagement rates and convenient feedback Real Time and speed up your audience interaction rate.

WebinarHD has a built in registration funnel that will run your leads through a series of pages to register and arrive at your online event at the right time. The Registration Page enables people to register for your event and approve WebinarHD to send reminder emails on your behalf.

When someone has completed the registration form, they will automatically be led to our built in “Thank You Page” where they can click a single button to add your event to their online calendar, to remind them promptly on the start of your event. If you want to direct your registrants to a Custom Thank You Page, no problem… you can use any redirect page when you setup your event in WebinarHD.

WebinarHD Live Stream

When your registrant arrives at the event, and the event hasn’t started yet, WebinarHD will show your registrant a Waiting Room Page, where they can already chat with you or your co-hosts through the WebinarHD built in chat function. Also you can add Custom Videos to your pages, to let them take the required call to actions on each page, or simply thank them for taken the time to go through the process.

WebinarHD records your webinar from the moment you press start. When you are done with the webinar, WebinarHD will start to work on your recording and make it available in just a view minutes. You can download your Replay in MP4 format and save it on a local drive, edit it, or upload it to your favorite video hosting platform.

WebinarHD Recording

Not only does WebinarHD record your webinar sessions, it also Records Your Public Chat and allows you to replay your Chat History when you choose to. Recording of your Chat History takes place even before your start the webinar, from the moment anyone sends a message. You can also download your chat session in a text file, so you can analyse your webinar based on attendee feedback and make it even better!

WebinarHD has already Integrated With These Major Autoresponders, so you can follow up with your new subscriber using the power of autoresponse. More integrations are expected, based on popular request!

Boost engagement by elevating any attendee to a presenter – Know how many people registered for your webinar from those who landed on your registration page. Check how many actually showed up! See how long you are able to retain your webinar participants. Knowing your stats about “Sign Up Rate”, “Show Up Rate” and “Engagement Rate” is key to improving your webinars over time!

WebinarHD Demo

Let’s summarize what you’re getting when you purchase WebinarHD today :

  • Traffic Generating, List Building, Engaging Webinars
  • Cloud Based WebinarHD Software
  • Single Video Stream Technology for MORE Reliability
  • Stream Any Webinar LIVE to Facebook or YouTube!
  • One Click Dynamic Broadcasting Layouts
  • Unlimited Webinars, Presenters & Co-Hosts
  • Done-For-You Registration Funnel
  • Automatic Email Notifications (Built-in Autoresponder)
  • Play (Pre-Recorded) Videos During Live Sessions
  • Live-Like Webinar Simulation
  • Automatic Webinar & Chat Recording
  • Chat Download, Analysis & Reports
  • Completely Newbie Friendly
  • NO Monthly Costs
  • VIP Members Only Group
  • 90 WebinarHD Training
  • Funnel Spokesperson Videos

WebinarHD Conclusion

Five months ago I did a review of HQ Webinar a software that allows you create simple webinars around several affiliate offers and run them on complete autopilot. I have to say that a one time investment of $47 is a no-brainer to me for an all in one webinar platform and i think that WebinarHD will have enough on board for most online businesses. WebinarHD offers a lot for $47.

WebinarHD Bonus

BONUS #1 : Webinar Authority : Become a passionate and engaging speaker, as well as develop your idea so that you can host the best webinar possible. In addition, we will be covering other concepts that are vital to webinars, such as the equipment that you will need, mastering Q&A’s, working with co-organizers and hiring staff and much more.

BONUS #2 : Webinar Mindmap : See in one overview all the aspects you need to handle before, during and after your webinar. Use it as a printout on your wall as a reminder of the items you need to consider.

BONUS #3 : Webinar Presentation Template : A powerpoint template for a marketing webinar, including slides built for presentations that deliver free educational material and then make an offer at the end to sell a product or service. Use this template as a starting point. It gives you flow and structure for your webinar. Keep in mind that you can change it suit your needs and goals.

BONUS #4 : Webinar Blueprint For Successful Webinars : Learn how to become a webinar presenter and begin using webinars as a tool to find more clients and grow your business. Webinar Blueprint – is the perfect guide for anyone who is interested in marketing with webinars.

BONUS #5 : Sales Webinar Checklist : Creating a webinar the first time can be a bit overwhelming. This handy checklist can be used to make sure you don’t miss anything along the way. And of course, you can modify the list to fit your own webinar needs.

BONUS #6 : List Building With Webinar : Seminars, lectures and presentations are important modes of sharing existing knowledge and dwelling on new and innovative ideas. However, a lot of time and money are spent which largely discourage the participation as well. Webinars are very effective to counter these problems while providing an effective source of communication at the same time.

BONUS #7 : Webinar Outline : Craft your webinar according this outline. You webinars will have a natural flow and all the ingredients you need to deliver a webinar that will engage and motivate people to receive your offer for your product or service.

Get Webinar HD And My Bonus Package

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