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WP Content Ranker Review : Bonus + Demo

WP Content Ranker is a wordpress plugin that anlyses sites that rank in Google. It reveals why each site ranks well, how they optimize to rank and what you will need to secure a Page 1 Ranking.

The content tefreshing logic helps you rank for more keywords, get Indexed for more terms and increase targeted traffic. The social syndication features help you increase social signals, leverage authority and boost social awareness.

The content generation features let you create optimized content, “drag and drop” easy without writting a single line of text. WP Content Ranker is the perfect companion for any wordpress site that actually helps you rank. WP Content Ranker reverse engineers google for any keyword, in any language and for any niche. It also works with any Google location of your choice.

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It will display the exact titles, the headings used, images added, the actual content and special LSI terms used by each site that ranks in Google. The special terms are put together by cross-referencing each ranking site with one another. This identifies the most important terms required to hit page 1 for your targeted keyword.

By using LSI terms in your content, you’re able to produce content that is highly relevant to your topic. You will be able to cover all areas and be in a position to become the Authority in your niche. The data, terms, and insights given by this wordpress plugin allow you to construct optimized content for yourself that is better than your competitors.

WP Content Ranker Review

WP Content Ranker will cross-reference the text used on the top 10 ranking sites in Google. It will analyze the Words, Terms & Phrases used, as well as it reveals the most important terms displaying them in order of popularity. These are the key LSI terms that should be used in your content. Likewise, the plugin allows you to scan your own existing text to identify which terms have been used and which ones you should focus on.

This wordpress plugin also allows you to syndicate each and every WordPress post to social sites which will boost social signals and targeted traffic. Having a solid link back from the social site allows you to leverage social authority for each post you syndicate.

WP Content Ranker Bonus

Bonus #1 : WordRank – WordRank is our web platform for all your SEO needs

Bonus #2 : Hashtag Genius Pro – Hashtag Genius brings you viral social media traffic at the push of a button, all with the power of hashtags

Bonus #3 : VidPix Pro – What if you could monetize images by displaying opt-in forms, buy buttons or affiliate products whenever a user hovered over them? With VidPix this is now a possibility, turning your “boring” images into true online assets.

Bonus #4 : ClickPop Engage – Engage Using Video, Utilize Images And Call To Actions To Build Your List And Drive Sales With The Sharing Power Of Social Media.

Bonus #5 : SureFire WP SEO – How to Rank Your WordPress Site Consistently!

Bonus #6 : Buzz Machine – Funny Viral List Building Machine WordPress Plugin!

Bonus #7 : Social Signals For SEO – About integrating social media for your search engine rankings?

Bonus #8 : Social Traffic Control – Discover How to Pinpoint Opportunities In Your Niche!

Bonus #9 : Free Traffic X – Get Unlimited Free Traffic Using Secret Tactics!

Bonus #10 : Quick Cash Traffic System – Discover How To Get Instant traffic!

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