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YT Gorilla – What Is It?

YT Gorilla or YouTube Gorilla is a new software that will automatically show you your competitors keywords for top ranking keywords , descriptions for any video in one place within seconds. The yt gorilla software also have an amazing “Alert” system which lets you know when a hot new video is released on YouTube so you can get in their first and piggy back of their traffic.

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You’ve heard of all the ways to rank YouTube videos but you have never seen anything like this. This new video cloudware tool cracked the code to YouTube rankings in a huge way and every other tool you’ve ever heard of just became obsolete.

It’s so powerful yet it’s an almost hands-off method that makes your videos surge to the top of YouTube rankings with hardly any effort on your part. The tool he uses is, YT Gorilla, and it’s a break-through in YouTube video ranking. It’s 100% cloud-based giving you thousands of markets to enter at a click of a button.

YT Gorilla software features :

  1. Fully Cloud Based : Nothing to download – Access from Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet
  2. YT King Kong Keyword : With a few clicks see your competitors’ video keywords and tags and “export” with a single click
  3. YT Gorilla Alert System : Notifies you via web browsers and email
  4. Huge Local Business Opportunities : Rank your videos for clients and charge $100s – $1000s per video

YT Gorilla Review

The tool does all the heavy lifting while your local video rankings simply skyrocket up the slots. Here’s how YT Gorilla works :

  • STEP #1 : Search SEO-guarded keyword tags your competitors are using
  • STEP #2 : Let YT Gorilla automatically define their top markets
  • STEP #3 : Observe every lucrative making-money keyword available you can now incorporate into your own video campaigns. Then go make bank renting or selling videos to local clients!

YT Gorilla is geared to make you hefty commissions when you leverage its power to do all the heavy lifting. Like, automatically pull video SEO data from top videos and implant it in your own video marketing. Then zoom-up the video rankings without breaking a sweat!

Here is how you can make money with, YT Gorilla :

  1. Link-brokering affiliate products in relevant high-ranking videos!
  2. Selling website data analytics to sites that need this service every day
  3. Piggy-back YouTube Channel Ad Selling – offer ads on YT channels you create with other people’s proven video metrics

YT Gorilla Review – Bonus

Bonus #1 : Vidwords Jeet : Get unlimited YouTube keywords for any niche. Traverse through any YouTube niche and find powerful sub niches, keywords and discover new opportunities.

Bonus #2 : Tube Reaper Jeet : Harvest thousands of video keywords in a matter of minutes. This is the most powerful video keywords harvesting software ever created.

Bonus #3 : Keywords Goldmine Jeet : Discover keywords that can get you on the first page of Google fast using YouTube videos.

Bonus #4 : YouTube Megaprofits Ebook : Get the YouTube success roadmap and get ahead faster on YouTube with this powerful guide that tells you what you need to know.

Bonus #5 : WP Social Proof : Got a blog? Get more conversions and leads by using social proof in a powerful and compelling manner.

Bonus #6 : Rank & Monetize Your Videos for Additional Traffic & Income : When it comes to dominating Facebook with cheap paid Ads, it doesn’t get any easier. Businesses are required to be prepared and brand on all fronts! That’s why I’ve set up a special deal with Stephen Gilbert to show you how he ranks AND monetizes his videos for additional traffic and revenue. This is something you cannot miss out on. With 1 video, not only will you get massive amounts of traffic from Facebook, but you will have another income and traffic stream from the SAME video.

Bonus #7 : How to Make Your Videos Go Viral in FB Groups for Free : You hear people talk all the time about using Free traffic. But most of the other methods never work. It requires way too much work and requires WAY too much capital! Now, you can use this strategy to get videos to go viral on FB… it’s like paying a traffic broker, but you get high quality targeted traffic! No one else is doing this.

Bonus #8 : YouTube Domination Strategy : Getting Facebook to do all the work for you is easy… but where the real skill comes in is using a multi-pronged approach to completely brand your online business Did you know you can take a short 30 second clip from YouTube, and easily get it ranked as the relevant video for ANY video you want? And then siphon out traffic from that video space for additional clicks and revenue?

This passive revenue stream is one of our favorites, and we’ve used it to add a stable, simple revenue stream to our bottom line. It also greatly increases branding. This is going to make your life 10 times easier. Once you see what we have done for you.. your jaw will drop.

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